You’re in the Workplace, Now What!?


There are a lot of things to know about being employed. Have you ever wondered what to wear to work? Or why your pay cheque has two different totals: gross and net values? Did you know you have the right to say “no” to an unsafe request at work? Get in the know with this workshop as we teach you all the ins and outs of working.


  • Appropriate dress for different types of work situations, uniforms, hair nets, etc.
  • Professional job etiquette (arriving late, calling in sick, chain of command, proper way to complain)
  • Being familiar with company rules, benefits and handbook
  • Probationary period, being dismissed, giving notice, asking for a job description and ensuring proper training for the job
  • Employment Standards (know your rights, harassment, bullying, workplace safety)
  • Check your paystub – deductions, taxes, etc.