Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills


A jam-packed workshop all about working with others! No matter where you work, you will have interaction with other people. It may be your boss, a co-worker, a customer or even your family. Positive Teamwork will take you a long way. 
  • Together Everyone Achieves More, There is no “I” in Team!
  • How to clearly communicate instructions and when to follow up
  • How to respond to corrective instruction at work 
  • Owning your piece of the puzzle (being clear about your role and what that looks like)
  • What if there is someone on the team who you don’t like working with? (E.g. co-worker is acting like a supervisor instead of a peer, not doing their share of the work, etc., How do you deal with this?)
  • Chain of command: When working in a team, who do you report to? What if they are not around?
  • Understanding that each part of a team has their strengths and weaknesses
  • What motivates a team? What motivates you?
  • Swallow the frog! (Get the tough part of the job done first!